The World’s Most Prolific Design Studio Is Making Cheesecake Now

By Prosyscom
In March 7, 2018


Anyone who has had the privilege of unwrapping a Tokyo Banana, or grabbing a gem-like matcha mochi from a sidewalk vendor in Ginza, knows that Japan has a special relationship with confectionaries. Even beyond the sweets, just the care that goes into shaping and packaging these treats makes them treasures unto themselves.

[Photo: Akihiro Yoshida/courtesy Nendo]

Nowhere is that more apparent than in Nendo’s latest project. The prolific design firm has turned its attention from home goods, zippers, retail stores, and architecture to something new: bite-sized cheesecake that comes in a box, designed for the Hokkaido-based sweet shop, Flanders.

The cheesecake itself is meant to mirror the long winters of Hokkaido, as powdered sugar blankets the top like freshly fallen snow. It’s also a play on the area’s tradition of preserving food throughout winter. Fruits and vegetables buried in the snow are thought to become sweeter over time. In this case, that sweetness transcends the limits of produce to become the cake itself.

[Photo: Akihiro Yoshida/courtesy Nendo]

The dessert’s richness is tempered by small, pre-cut servings that you grab with an adorable tree-shaped skewer, making this cheesecake the antithesis of the New-York-style cardiac arrest wedges most Americans are used to. Now if only Nendo would give us something to do with the skewer once the bite is done, they’d really be onto something.MW


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