This Coat Hook Does Double Duty As A Back Massager

By Prosyscom
In March 7, 2018


Everyone loves a good massage. But unless you’ve got a lot of cash or a very generous friend, they can be hard to come by.

That is, unless you install a new wall hook that was designed to double as a back massager. You could hang your coat on it–or you could use it to work out those pervasive, hard-to-reach knots in your back that never seem to go away. It’s a perfect, hidden use for an object no one will ever suspect is a massager, and you can display it in plain sight, unlike those medical-looking vibrating gizmos people usually use.

[Photo: Mattiazzi]

How does a simple coat hook, called the Palmo Hook, do such incredible things for your back? The hooks–designed by the London-based designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin for the Italian furniture company Mattiazzi–have a wide, round base that’s supposed to mimic the palm of the hand. It’s this base that makes them sturdy enough and smooth enough to give your back a little love. Made of wood, the hook comes in three different finishings, making them a beautifully designed addition to a home regardless of their secret functionality.

When you hang them at just the right height, they’re a lovely little way to bring some relief to your tense muscles. As long as no one can see you rubbing yourself against a wall.KS


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