Want to include a handwritten paragraph or two of text… brainstorming best way of doing it? : web_design

By Prosyscom
In March 19, 2018


Hi! I’m redesigning my portfolio website.

I’m an interdisciplinary designer (strengths in graphic design and web design/development) but I do a variety of other things including fashion and product design.

I was thinking of maybe including my about and other copy on my page as my own handwriting. Ideally I would want to include the texture of ink from my writing and keep it imperfect.

My concern lies in leaving it as an image, I feel like that wouldn’t do well across different screen sizes, but also for usability and search engines. I want the text to be able to be copied.

So my thought was I could make a custom font somehow out of my handwriting. But then I’m wondering if that’s too cheesy?

Any ideas/input?


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