way to populate html file with links from folder? : web_design

By Prosyscom
In March 5, 2018


hi there, i’m a beginner/intermediate designer looking for a solution to a problem.

I want to create a simple knowledge base type website with articles in it. I would like these articles to be nested in folders.

For example, an image on the site will link to a folder called “Sea Life” and therein are .html files with articles on them, example “squid.html” “seahorse.html” “shark.html” etc.

I would like to find a simple way to populate a page that will be generated when a user clicks on the Sea Life (for example) image. That page would have a list of links. So, click Sea Life > webpage like this:

where each bullet point is a link.
(edit: formatting)

is this possible without creating an index page by hand for the contents of every folder?


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