What is the secret to finding the perfect hero images? : web_design

By Prosyscom
In March 15, 2018


What is the process of finding an image that is relevant, has the right colors and mood, and how do I know if it will look good with text on top of it? Is it all just trial and error? Can you make anything look good in Photoshop?

I do web design and sometimes I do print design if my clients ask me to. And with print I feel like text on images is even more common than on the web. Typography and layout is rarely a problem, but the moment I need to find photos I get stuck – especially if it’s for a hero-image, or any image with text on it, and I find it especially difficult if the nature of the clients business is obscure or unusual. Most of the perfect stock-photos are intended towards regular businesses or tech start-ups, or resturants/cafés, the usual pens and papers on a desk, some food on a table, or a group of happy people in a meeting.

But what if my client is in the business of provididing guidence and information to homeowners and homeowner’s associations (and other organizations) regarding joint water and sewer, but they also help homeowner’s form associations, and they even help with the legal stuff. They don’t sell water pumps, plumbing or sewer plants though, but they will refer you to a supplier. Not exactly sexy stuff.

Most of the photos I do find are just too busy when I put text on it.

What is your process of finding photos, how do you edit them, and what do you do if the context is obscure or different? Do you just settle with something somewhat relevant, that your client is OK with?


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