what skills should i focus on learning to get a front end developer job? : web_design

By Prosyscom
In March 14, 2018


I have an associates degree in graphics looking to get into web development. i took 3 programming classes in college(2 java and one html/css) and spent the last week refreshing with a udemy course on html/css and learning javascript.

i can design and build nice looking websites using a photoshop to html workflow (i have a few unfinished projects right now) but i have a few questions.

  • how proficient in html/css should i be? and is being able to recreate a photoshop webpage mockup + basic visual interactivity with html/css enough?

  • how proficient in javascript should i be? because most freelanced websites seem to implement very few javascript features. i just learned to make scrolling menus. i have to lookup code alot and i dont have much memorized. and i havent looked into libraries yet.

  • should my portfolio be design focused or functionality focused? cause im not sure exactly what employers are looking for.

  • is there anything else?

ultimately, from there, what are my steps to actually landing my first front end web developer job?


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