What to do with a highly trafficked domain? : web_design

By Prosyscom
In March 14, 2018


Say I have procured a well-named, highly searched, estibot – $45, 000 – appraised domain. What is the best way to use this traffic? I don’t know how much traffic it has kept but apparently it used to be a former name of a popular company. It holds the record for something :p

How would you use it? It has a niche if it helps.

Also, another question. I’ve also seen another domain, very highly trafficked, about to expire soon. It allegedly has tens of thousands of visitors per day (although different sources differ significantly), or at least it used to.

After a bit of research, it seems that this used to be a virus/scam website. Many ads, links and such pointed to it. Now, that domain is inactive and about to expire. Is this good for trafficked use? Is it moral? Do you think all those backlinks and redirects are kept? Is it even possible to get in trouble? EDIT: It has an Alexa rank of around 50k, which I think is good.



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