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By Prosyscom
In March 8, 2018


For starters, I am no developer. I picked up wordpress and built a website a couple of days ago. This is what I could come up with in the last 48 hours using elementor pro+ocean wp: www.dailyairdrops.com)

Essentially I want to display a grid made out of boxes that contain text. The two options I had were:

  1. Manually build the section, columns and insert title, text and the button (not big deal and I can duplicate each section, so I can always add new boxes fast). You can see this example in the middle of the page under “Latest Airdrops”

  2. Use a post grid (from elementor pro) to display my latest posts. It’s generally automatic but each has it’s drawbacks. This section is right at the end of the page.

Drawback for nr.1 is that I will eventually run out of space, or make the page super long with all the text-boxes I will post daily, plus I cannot archive them. A solution which I have no idea how to create is to somehow make that section having a Load More/ Load Less button.

Drawback for nr.2 is that the only way to make the bullet lists keep their format, was to use the excerpt area, BUT I CANNOT MAKE THE LINKS CLICKABLE (like for example if I type here www.google.com, the site automatically makes it blue, underlines it and makes it clickable. WordPress does not)

Now I did check similar websites like airdropalert.com or airdropster.com to see how they handle it, and I cannot seem to understand how they can display their posts/text areas in clickable lists with popups. I assume these websites are manually created by people who somewhat know how to code.

So yeah, here I am. clueless on how to continue. If someone has an idea, it would be amazing.


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