working with a client, they want me to copy the design of another website completely : web_design

By Prosyscom
In March 14, 2018


Hi. I am very amateur/beginner web designer, so I understand If I may have my hands full here. I have this client that I have been working with for a while now. We have been working very slowly on migrating her old out-dated online store to a new website with a clean look

After a few months, we were finally been able to sit down and come up with a design. She drew something up and I created it on WordPress. later, she added some comments and referred me to a specific website for multiple things I should change. Well, once I look at the other website I realize her mockup was pretty much an exact copy. All the corrections she wanted were to make it look more like this other site. For a better understanding, they are both jewelry sites.

I don’t know why I am so annoyed with this, but it may be because I have grown tired of doing this website for her. The site she is referencing just looks like a better version of my site. I don’t know If I want to create a slightly lamer version of somebody else’s site. Also, there was a minor discussion of pay, but I don’t really know If I want it now. Would it be bad to refer her to the designer that created the other site?


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